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S$8,25/month $99/year

  • 1 School Sponsorship
    for one Godchild/year
  • 1 Cooking Stove
  • 2 School benches

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M$32,50/USD month $390/year

  • School Sponsorships
    for four Godchildren/year
  • 3 Bunk beds
  • 9 School benches

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L$65/USD month $780/year

  • 6 bunk beds
    for student dorms
  • or gutters with
    sewage system
  • or 2 Showers

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XL$260/USD month $3120/year

  • Build 2 complete
  • Build one dorm room
    for students
  • Build one cafeteria
    for students

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What are the kids writing to their Godparents?

Shallon B.

I take this chance to thank you for your support I received last term. Now days I am getting books, pens for free and you are paying school fees for me.

May God bless you. Your faithful daughter.

Ben R.

I thank you for aid you sent to me as orphan. It helped me on the school dues for term 01 2015.

May the Lord God bless you.